EuroPeers Event

📅 29 maja 2024

Europe for You

Welcome to „Europe for You”, a unique event for high school and international university students. This event is your gateway to understanding the European Union, the Europeers network, and the opportunities that the EU presents. 😊
We aim to demystify the structure of the EU and inspire you to become an active participant in the European community. You will be able to discover the opportunities to go abroad (Erasmus+, DiscoverEU, European Solidarity Corps) from the people that have experience with those projects. 🌍
At „Europe for You”, you’ll delve into the workings of the EU, explore the Europeers network, and discover the wealth of opportunities the EU offers. We also encourage you to exercise your democratic right by voting in the European Parliament elections. 🇪🇺
Join us and take a step towards shaping the future of Europe. We look forward to welcoming you!
Venue: Baobab, Lublin (Krakowskie Przedmieście 39b)
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